About us

Vapit is a non-profit association, born to provide all e-cig consumers with an authoritative voice.

Our goal is to defend the rights and interests of anyone who has chosen an alternative and healthier way to traditional smoking, coming forward as a new interlocutor for institutional talks, striving to limit unjustified and punishing laws.

Vapit exists to promote e-cig use too, with the strong conviction to act in the best interest of citizens, defending everyone’s health. This is why Vapit promotes scientific studies on vaping, spreads truthful information, organizes seminars and shows to display and document benefits coming from personal vaporizers use.

Vapit counts on volunteers that make their time and competence available, in order to reach the association’s goals.

All people of legal age can enter Vapit, contributing their ideas and effort in order to grow the association. To do so, filling in the registration form is all that is needed to make one’s voice heard.